Monday, June 30, 2014

So, You're ready to start THE journey...

THE Journey, that I am always talking about... blowing up your Facebook's...with my selfies and motivation.

Today starts the rest of your life…I do mean that! You are about to transform into someone that you never knew you could be. Changes will happen. Get ready to be a happy, active bundle of sunshine!

First things first…

1.   Grab some yarn and wrap it around your tummy. Keep this yarn and from time to time wrap it around you. You will be able to see how you are shrinking.
2.  Find that outfit you always wear…Put this outfit away. When you finally hit your goal, try them on. I ALMOST grabbed my outfit this weekend, but I thought about it and stopped. I have 20 more pounds before I can try it on.
3.    PICTURES!!! Take tons of pictures. Not just your first day pictures…take them all the time. YES, I’m telling you to take a selfie and lots of them. You will thank me. On the day when you feel defeated because you haven’t lost in a month, you will scroll through your camera roll and see those pudgy cheeks that aren’t there anymore. You will see how you change from month to month. You can put this together in an album and see how you tone. I’ve been doing this around three years now. I love doing year out pictures, like June 2013 and June 2014. These are the things that motivate me.
4.   Decide what your goal is. Maybe a certain weight or pant size or maybe you just want more energy. Be realistic…100 pounds in 4 months…NOT realistic.
5.      Now take that FINAL goal and create mini goals. Each month I make myself a small goal, for July my goal is 5 pounds. I actually break down the entire year that way.
6.     Get use to REALITY-You are going to stall, get stressed, and feel defeated. This is a S-L-O-W process. You have to dig down deep and find your Determination, Strength, and Will Power. When you fall off the wagon, take a deep breathe, look at those pictures, run to your support system, and get back on the wagon. If you had one too many sweets, hit that water hard. FLUSH out the toxins. Keep in mind WHY you are doing this.
People always ask if I did this for a man and then say (before I can answer) “if so you will gain it all back.” I let them finish and then smile; I did this for ME…my happiness, my future. I have a vision of what I want to be and I’m not stopping until I get there.

7.       Find that support system. Get a group together. We are addicts…we might not be shooting up drugs or taking shots, but we are addicts. We get comfort from food. This will always be our challenge. The best thing to do, stay with those that lift you up, find new hobby’s, and make a lifestyle change…not a DIET, quick fix.

8.  DO NOT GO OVERBOARD!!! Hitting the gym three hours and eating 700 calories will only get you hurt… EAT! I eat six small meals a day and I exercise in moderation. I don’t want you to get discouraged and give up. Start small and work your way up. 
9. Make yourself accountable...I do this with you guys...posting my progress and foods etc. I use motivating others as a way to motivate myself. 
1. Remember...ROME wasn't built overnight...the new you won't be either. 

NOW....I haven't shown many people what I'm about to show you guys, but I want you to know that if I am strong enough to do this so are you guys. In the pictures you will clearly see that I have flaws and there's work to be done. I'm showing you myself to motivate you and show you the will have work to do for a very long time. I am not perfect, but I'm better than I was yesterday. 

This is my current before and will want to make these as well! 

I have NEVER EVER been able to wear a bikini...
A. I've always been too big B. I was to modest and scared

I'm terrified to show you guys this, but I know that I can help so many of you by showing you a REAL woman in progress. 

Left is June 2013, I had been working so hard on this lifestyle...I was so proud as you can see by my smile...I was down 50 pounds. I don't have any June 2012 pictures...mainly because I avoided activities requiring such attire. 

The right is June 2014, down 100 pounds. Clearly more work to be done. I have never wore this in public, but I have it around for encouragement. 

I hope this helps you with the realization that you can do this too, but it does take time! If  facing one of my fears by showing you the real me helps just one of you, then I am proud I did so. 

NOW....if you are ready to change YOUR life get ready.... check out my "Change is a Good Thing" post to get you started. It is in the February 2013 posts. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What a Wild Ride it has been!

I haven’t updated in quite a while. I’m working on a cook book, so as I complete sections, I’ll add to the blog, but let’s have a little lesson on what has been happening over in my world.

When I made the decision to change my life I knew I would never be the same. I had struggled to lose 20-30 pounds here or there, but nothing major like I needed. Finally, at my grandfather’s 70th birthday celebration I made the decision to change my life. All I wanted to do was hide from everyone. I am generally an outspoken person, so hiding is just not me. I wanted to stay in the kitchen and keep the party together, rather than mingle with my loved ones. After that night I did what I do best, I studied. I am a person with a lot of book sense, so breaking down the body, nutrition, and food sources is how I figured out what to do with my body. I can remember sitting in my car with my Aunt Evie on the phone going over recipes. I jotted everything down as she gave me advice. That conversation plays in my mind over and over again. She has truly been one of my biggest supporters. I knew she believed in me and has been such a motivation throughout the entire process. That’s why when I hit a new goal, I always tag her in my posts on Facebook…she gave me courage to keep pushing. She is genuinely so proud of the change that I have made.
                                                         March 2013 ~ March 2014 

As I started losing weight I realized how many of my other family members were watching me too. From ladies in their 60’s to cousins in their teens. I am so much closer to all of the different generations in my BIG southern family. Their support is amazing and I can’t express the feeling of overwhelming love that I feel. Now, I am a much different person, I am not afraid to speak to people. The bubbly girl that used to be, is back…and happier now than ever before. I can’t wait to see my family at any event because I know they are looking to see that I am still pushing on.

There's no other friendship, like sisterhood! I love my baby girl more than she will ever know! 
I am so proud of the young woman she has become! 
She always tells me how proud she is of me. She is one of my biggest fans! "That's my sister, WHATTT" 

This process wasn't all about family. I am constantly being approached by people needing tips on how to get help. I always love motivating another person. My best friend has told me from day one, you are going to become something great, but please stay the humble person you have always been because if you do, people will love you even more than they do now. Each time he sees me he tells me how proud he is and that he is so glad I’m still the same person…he then tells me yet again to continue to stay grounded. I don’t see myself any differently, I feel better these days and I’m so much happier. If anything I’m a better person now than I was before.

 We have both made so many changes in our lives together. We have become each others strength. Best friends are rare...hold on to them tight.

Changing your lifestyle isn't just about dropping the weight. The losing battle is a very slow one. You can’t get defeated when you hit brick walls. Being diligent will pay off in the end. While your body is changing, so will you. You will look back and not remember the person that once was. You won’t just change once. There will be many phases and changes that you see on the inside as well as outside.

Over 150 Pounds lost between us! 

As I started changing I found my inner self. I started living for myself, but with others in mind. I have siblings and cousins watching my every move. What I do today, they will do tomorrow. Before I make any decision in life, I consider how they will view what I do. From being a better Christian to not rushing into a relationship. 

My biggest leap was taking adventures on my own. Stepping out and becoming that independent person was the best decision I could have ever made. I have been on my 20 hour round trip road trip four times now as well as many shorter trips here and there. Each time was my decision and I feel confident in that. On one of my last trips, my mom came in as I was debating on traveling or staying home. She told me to go, to get away…she knew it would lift my spirits. She was so so right, a few hours on the road and I felt like a new person. Everyone has things that makes them feel better….mine is seeing my dear friends. 
Distance is nothing but a thing. If you care about a person, you make it happen. My adventures have taught me about new cultures. I've met so many wonderful people on the road and each time I learn something new. 

I want to instill in my family to lead your life the way you want to live. Don’t be stupid…be smart…live a life that you want to tell your children about one day. I don’t have any stories of drinking or skipping school. I have always been a good child. BUT I do have the story of standing up on my two feet, walking away from a woman that was sad and tired. As I walked out that door I stepped into a new life. The adventures I had along the way is exactly what I will get to tell my children about one day. 

I fell in love with another state or two along the way…this homebody has found her wings!

Sunday drives are our thing! 

I always keep you, my readers, in mind as I travel through life too. I keep pushing the stand up for yourself, live for you, because yes, eating clean is key, but if you don’t learn to love life and find your OWN happiness, you will never see the full picture.

No makeup, wet hair, who cares! 

Take a chance! Be active. Find love. Try something new. Do this for you! You are going to ruffle feathers, get looks, people will disagree, but if you want the change bad enough you stick to your grounds and know at the end of the day why you are doing this. I am not the skinniest or prettiest, but I am confident in the woman I am. I am beautiful and a child of God. If I am happy with what I have become then I have done what I set out to do. 

        On my family vacation I walked into the restaurant my parents were eating at, grabbed my key, and walked out. On my way through the establishment a gentleman ask me if he could get a to- go box, I politely said no, I don't work here. His response made my night, "Oh, I am so sorry, you are just walking by like you own the place". This makes me smile for a reason....I hold my shoulders back and stand tall. I might not be perfect, but I am much better than I was yesterday. So what if I'm not at the finish line....I've come a long way and I should celebrate go take charge, own the room, be you, make people think you run the place! 

I have taken more risks in the last two years than ever before. Sometimes risks can hurt, but being miserable isn't any fun either. I have found love and lost love, but at the end of the day I WILL BE OKAY! Keep busy and push on further…one day God will drop the man I should be with down in my life or maybe he’s already in my life, and one day the good Lord will wake him up. Don’t rush love and don’t rush weight loss. Just enjoy the ride. You might find that love will lead you to new friends and family. Those people will keep you motivated.

I’m not at the end of my road; I am currently 101 pounds down, with 22 more to go. After that, I will have a long road of toning and changing my body more. I will probably still be considered a plus size woman, but that’s fine by me. I didn't do this to drop my curves; I did it to be HEALTHY!


Yes, this was a lot of rambling, but it’s been on my heart to speak to you guys. Take that step one. Change your life for you!!


If I can change my life, then each and every one of you can too. Take a chance no matter what it is pertaining too. I would hate to look back and have any regrets…I know you would too! Let this Christmas be the one where you look back and say…well I did it. I told myself I would have changes and I finally did. Don’t put it off another year.

You each have one fan already...




Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Daring Dates

The D word…Dating…it isn’t something I was very familiar with until this year. I have always been in a very serious relationship. People probably think, oh she lost some of that weight and tossed him…that would be INCORRECT…people that date from such a young age tend to change when they get older. I grew into something different. Our paths were taking us down different roads, and I wasn’t feeling the happiness I knew was out there.
I look at my parents’ marriage and  what my father is. I want that type of love; I also want a Godly man like my father. Someone you can depend on, that you know loves you and would never hurt you. That doesn’t seem so difficult right? A Godly man with their life together who can make me smile…it would also be nice if they could change a tire, but hey…I’m not trying to be picky here. ;)
I met so many people, a physical therapist, an engineer, a pilot, a football manager, a fire fighter, a student, the list goes on. People have tried to hook me up with step-cousins, people with three jobs, people moving to Germany in a few months. People that were 6’6, people that were skinny as a bunch of sticks…like that little jingle there, huh?!  

I had great conversation with a man that ended up in the hospital pretty much the day after we had dinner…he spent majority of the next couple weeks there…I believe he is doing much better, I pray so, I also hope he finds someone matched for him. He was a nice gentleman with an awesome career (engineer). We were just fit for friends. Oh and I had nothing to do with him getting sick, he had some type of severe infection in his stomach. I was that person that sent cookies and puzzles to the hospital, so his family wouldn't be bored...yes, I'm awesome, I know (kidding).  

Met a Christian man…I thought YES! He also enjoyed refurbing antiques…SCORE! Well….he wasn’t as Godly as I thought…he informed me that I was still plus size and I would be alright once I got to my goal and had some skin removed…yeah, didn’t speak to him again.

I met a few people that were just too far away and it was just more of a friend fit. That’s my problem, I’m a nice person, and I see everyone as a friend. That and I haven’t really found the connection I have been looking for. Most people are nice, but I can't ever see myself being with them forever.

I went to a football game with a date one night then had a nice dinner. He was a really nice and funny guy. The problem there….A. he was too far away, B. he had a love for food that I couldn’t be around. I know that sounds silly. Think of it like this…if a recovering drug addict was staying clean they wouldn’t want to date a drug dealer…this is the same concept. When you live a healthy lifestyle you can’t be around bad foods all the time. It’s just too tempting. Nice person though, and I see him as a great friend…oh and to top it off…he had the coolest truck!!! LOL
I still laugh about that date actually, my favorite part...the shaky table we ate at...all of a sudden I see him grab some sugar packets and pounce under the table as I hear him mutter..."Going in to do surgery" LOL He was trying to level the table. I remember holding the table as he cut his steak because the shaking was driving him nuts.
 My funniest date was one that I can only shake my head and smile about. I had a lunch date one Friday…the guy brought his Chihuahua!!! He is a truck driver; the little thing didn’t have anywhere to go I guess. Anyway so the dog, the date, and I take off for some lunch at Sips. I asked a question and got no response, so I ask the question again…the response….I’m feeling a little cloudy today…I also got ask what medications I was on, what dosages, and if I was on anti-depressants. My response….nah, I’m a pretty happy person…I left that date in shock. A nice guy, but not the man for me.
I had a very nice dinner date with a friend that has been around a while. We had great conversation, but at times I get defeated because he critiques my food too much. Sounds silly I know. He’s a great guy, but something always stops us when we start talking.

I met a man that drove a very nice Porsche. He was tall, had a good job, I thought OK!
…I spent the next hour listening about all the people that had done him wrong…I literally watched his weird mouth and eye brow expressions. I don’t even know what to say. He was nice, but maybe he shouldn’t spend the entire date talking about all the things you’ve done for people and how they treated you in return. I will say…it sounds like he has a great credit score…for any of you looking. 

There have been a few others, but they weren’t all that memorable. So finally, I decide that I’m so tired of going through the process of meeting new people. I just can’t take anymore. No one has measured up to what I want in life; I’ll just wait and let it happen later. People are cruel creatures, but occasionally, if you look hard enough, you’ll catch a fish that God made just for you. If you haven’t found them, don’t give up, just keep fishing!  
I should also mention that I have became friends with a few people. Not all people you meet are bad; they just aren't for you.



The Long Lost

This is beyond past due…sorry I’ve been gone so long guys. I plan on spending today updating everyone on where I ran off to, and of course, we will get back to the FOOD!
The last time I updated was the end of June! Since then so much has happened, as always…LIFE HAPPENED! I’m a very private person, but I’d rather just be honest and tell my story, from A to Z, than to hear that gossip train rolling through.
Today’s is the perfect day to write. The rain is making the most beautiful music on my tin roof and the only thing on my agenda is - OUR BLOG. This isn’t the first time I picked up my laptop the last few months, but it is the first time I plan on not moving until I get all my guys and gals feeling inspired again.
I know this blog is supposed to be about food and recipes, but it has turned into a bit of my therapy as well. I love updating all my friends and family on my crazy, wonderful life. Hopefully people will see that I am REAL. I live life and I still stay dedicated to my lifestyle.
Since the last time I updated, I traveled to Toledo Bend in Louisiana again, as well as many trips to Florida. It seems my friends have all needed me at different times. Toledo Bend is my favorite place. Why you ask? It’s the one place where I don’t have great cell service and I’m so far away from everyone that I can actually rest. I spent a few days relaxing and getting back to ME! John Boy cooked an amazing meal…he used lots of veggies! Another night I made my famous fajitas, if you haven’t tried them you really should.

On one of my trips to Florida, to see Chris, we made some type of concoction that isn’t even picture worthy. Chris loved it, but I wouldn’t even try it. Too many bad ingredients for this healthy chick!

After I traveled thousands of miles, I decided to change out the flooring in my house…simple right? Weekend job and done! WRONG! That simple job turned into a massive house renovation that took weeks! My family and I have never worked so hard. We spent so much time together. I am so proud of my little brother for stepping up and helping my dad get the job done. We still have a guest room to work on, but progress has been made…to the point that I could move back home! I’ll do a separate blog for the actual reno.

 Once my family completed my house it was time to go to the chapel….don’t worry I wasn’t the chick walking down the aisle. Chris and I (the friend) took off in our sparkly threads and celebrated my neighbor and friend being united. Hannah and Dustin are part of my Bible study. The day was so beautiful! That evening we got to spend time with our long lost friend Paul. Paul has been in Mobile for a few years, he was also in town for a wedding. Many laughs later we all left the woods and the fire with big smiles on our faces.

Fast forward a bit….I spent the next couple months hosting showers. Wedding showers, baby showers, a couple birthdays…you name it, I was planning it. The end of the showers was one last wedding. My cousin Kevin married his sweetheart Ashley.

 After all of that it was nice to take a moment to breathe. During all of this I had a little secret…I started dating. WHOA! CALL THE MESSENGER! Cori was, WHAT, dating?!?!? Yes…most people don’t know that in April I ended a very long relationship. In trying to not break any hearts further, I decided to not tell anyone when I attempted to meet new people. I’ve decided to not hide that anymore. Even though I’ve been single for so long I still felt like I was under someone’s thumb. Then I thought to check my license, you won’t believe what I found…my parents faces weren’t there, not my siblings, not my ex’s, but mine! As in, it’s my life…I chose my own happiness and I want to float on cloud nine.

So, yes, I went on a few dates…I will be blogging about that too…I have so many stories now…I take the good with the bad and turn the dates into life lessons. There’s one lesson in there for my family as well as myself. Hopefully a certain person will read and understand what family will get you.

Since the dates, the showers, the weddings, the vacations, the good ole life lessons, I have become a new person. I am so much stronger. I am independent, determined, and not giving up until I find the happiness I deserve. Please stick around and hear all about the reno and the juicy dates.
Oh and I almost forgot…since I updated a got a promotion at work. It took courage to move on from my old department, but it was the best decision I ever made.

I also have lost more weight…I’m 85 pounds down!!! Pics to come of course!! I’m so happy and healthy. It’s amazing what changing your life can do! I’m not done yet…this year I want to get off the last 40! I will get there, no doubt!


Once I get the days of our lives updated I will start working on putting some recipes together for you guys. I’m off work for two weeks; I plan on getting y’all set in that time frame!